Here’s 5 Reasons You Should Eat Eggs In Your Breakfast!

Published on 10/26/2022

There aren’t many superfoods, but if you go, the most common one that is readily available wherever and whenever you need, it’s eggs. When it comes to a healthy body, certain minerals and vitamins are required. Our tight schedules end up forcing us to resort to packaged food that is heavily processed with harmful chemicals to increase the shelf life. Among various negative impacts of these food options, the one that’s quite prominent is that processed food options will significantly increase the chances of obesity. The primary reason behind this is that though the number of calories will be much higher, most of them will be empty ones that will add fat. If you are trying to follow a healthy routine, the very first change that needs to be registered is regarding your diet. We highly recommend switching to whole foods and eliminating all the fast food that you are habitual of. As we all know, the day’s most important meal is breakfast, and it should also be the one with the most nutrients. This blog will discuss the key reasons behind our recommendation of adding eggs to your first meal of the day. Without any further adieu, let’s dive right into it.

Heres 5 Reasons You Should Eat Eggs In Your Breakfast

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Eat Eggs In Your Breakfast



If we are to rank the food items based on the nutrients, eggs will top the list. There are not just multiple vitamins available, but it also contains folate, selenium, and phosphorus. A single cell will turn into a chicken, proving that it will have all the essential nutrients, including zinc and calcium. An egg will carry 77 calories with a whopping 6 grams of protein.

Maintains Choline

Yes, you might not even have heard of this nutrient like me. When I first learned about this term from a health expert, I was curious to know more about it. Generally, it is categorized under the Vitamin B category. Though this nutrient has various responsibilities, the primary one is building cell membranes. In case of deficiency, it impacts health in many profound ways. An egg is a perfect way to source Choline; where a single egg will give you around 100mg of it.

Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

We see a surge in the number of heart diseases, primarily due to high cholesterol levels. The type that is responsible for that is known as LDL. It is further categorized into two parts; small and large. A number of studies showcase that among these two, the small ones are more hazardous. Eggs will have the vitamins and nutrients to convert these smaller LDL particles into large ones, eventually lowering the risk.

Helps In Weight Loss

There are variations among us who are trying to lose some extra fat, and the journey is nowhere near easy. The primary hindrance is our diet, and we highly recommend staying aware of the ingredients you feed in your body. Having a nutritious diet like eggs will help you maintain a balanced diet that will eventually help in shedding all the extra fat.

Helps In Weight Loss

Helps In Weight Loss

Provides Amino Acids

If we go through the essential ingredients that are key players in forming our bodies, it’s protein. Not only in terms of structure, but proteins also help our bodies function correctly. With all the intake based on processed foods, the protein has gone too low in our bodies, and to compensate for the deficiency, we should go with eggs. It also has all the amino acids in precisely the correct ratios.