Are You Not Very Enthusiastic About Running? Here Are A Few Alternatives!

Published on 11/10/2021

It can become quite tedious to go to a gym and follow the same job daily. The monotonous effect it will have on your mind will start demotivating you, and you will not feel like going to the gym. There will be a day when you will no longer put fitness as your top priority. It’s the blunder you must never make; keeping your body engaged in physical activity will not only help you in staying fit, but it will also be significantly helpful in channelizing your energy towards a productive result. Exercise will also help you to enhance your focusing capabilities. Now, once you have decided to follow a routine, here comes the question: What are all the activities you can follow. You can track multiple ways that will give you equivalent results to a heavy workout session in a gym. Various people don’t want to go to a gym daily, and they are more comfortable doing a workout or an intensive physical activity. Let’s dive into some tips and tricks to make it a fun activity rather than a pretty boring one as it usually is.

Are You Not Very Enthusiastic About Running Here Are A Few Alternatives

Are You Not Very Enthusiastic About Running? Here Are A Few Alternatives



If you want a complete package that can give you a very fit future, there is nothing better than yoga. It’s a great tool to gain some flexibility and get rid of all the stiffness that has been caused over time. As yoga positions will also require you to balance your body, it will put your mind to do some running. Apart from it, you will also be able to get a much better posture.

Jump Rope

If you are looking for a low-impact exercise, the jumping rope could be the best option to go for. There is also no constraint where you can do it. All you need to have is enough space so that the rope can swing without any hurdle. Some research papers available online show that a 10-minute jump rope session will have an equal impact as a 30-minute jogging session. While in the session, keep close attention to keeping the elbow as close to you as possible.


A basic set of calisthenics is said to be one of the best bodyweight exercises. It will be a perfect activity to keep your whole body engaged and focus on strengthening your core strength. Calisthenics is also an excellent method to do some cardiovascular routine. There is also a wide variety of options and types that you can adapt to and plan the whole workout entirely according to you.



Overhead Load

This activity is also known as a farmer’s walk. Yes, you can go right by its name. All you need to do is carry a weighted object above your head and walk. Also, keep a reasonable and consistent interval to keep switching hands. The primary focus of this activity will put your heart at extra work, and along with it, a farmer’s walk will also help build core strength and gain some arm muscles.

Indoor Cycling

Cycling is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit. There are multiple types of equipment available in the market that you can buy to cycle indoors. However, if you already have a bicycle, you can always do some DIY to add a stand and process. Please make sure the seat height is up to the hip bone; otherwise, it will end up putting unnecessary stress on your spine. Also, invest in cycling shoes if the budget allows.