The Top 40 High Schools That Have Produced the Most NBA Players

Published on 03/01/2020

The Top 40 High Schools That Have Produced the Most NBA Players

High Schools That Have Produced The Most NBA Players

High Schools That Have Produced The Most NBA Players

Although the NBA is certainly an internationally recognized body, its origins and those of the game of basketball itself is brimming with tales of young-blood, making basketball the most popular sport within schools in America.
Despite this popularity, not every school is able to consistently produce star players, with most being proud to produce even a single star NBA player. North Carolina’s Laney High School is a testament to this, having fostered the talent of only the one and only Michael Jordan. Similarly, Indiana’s Springs Valley High School’s only player to reach the NBA was the legendary Larry Bird. That being said, several schools have steadily supplied the NBA with many NBA all-stars, and are colloquially known as basketball ‘star factories’. Such schools are established throughout America, in twenty individual states, including Washington D.C., who have nurtured the abilities of at least 40 NBA superstars.
Let us see if your school is on the list!

#1: Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.) – 29 Players

Despite the University of Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma and Boston College all being united in the Power 5 Conferences, they altogether have supplied the NBA with fewer stars than a small boarding school situated at the Virginia-North Carolina border.

Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy


Housing only 132 youths, Oak Hill Academy is nationally renowned by hopeful ballers as the best spot for accelerating one’s career. Rajon Rondo shifted from Louisville just to attend. Carmelo Anthony abandoned Baltimore to enroll. Steve Blake decided Oak Hill was worth leaving Miami for, while Brandon Jennings ditched Compton. Oak Hill has even opened its doors to global athletes, such as the Senegalese DeSagana Diop.

Captained by coach Steve Smith, Oak Hill conquered the high school leagues for the ninth time running, with Smith also developing twenty-eight McDonald’s All-Americans.

The school’s alumni presently feature in the NBA, and further graduates will attend soon. Oak Hill also provided three of Virginia’s top four ranked players out of the 2018 class.

NBA Players Who Attended Oak Hill (Years in League)

Jordan Adams (2)
Cory Alexander (7)
Carmelo Anthony (16)
William Avery (3)
Dwayne Bacon (2)
Alex Blackwell (1)
Steve Blake (13)
Mark Blount (9)
Junior Burrough (1)
Quinn Cook (3)
Ben Davis (4)
DeSagana Diop (12)
Sean Green (3)
A.J. Hammons (1)
Stephen Jackson (14)
Brandon Jennings (9)
Doron Lamb (2)
Ty Lawson (8)
Jeff McInnis (11)
Ron Mercer (8)
Makhtar N’Diaye (1)
Rajon Rondo (13)
Josh Smith (13)
Nolan Smith (2)
Jerry Stackhouse (18)
Rod Strickland (17)
Sindarius Thornwell (2)
Marcus Williams (4)
Troy Williams (3)

#2 DeWitt Clinton High School (New York City, N.Y.) – 18 Players

Situated inside the Bronx, DeWitt Clinton was formerly the biggest high school in the world in the 1930s, with its student body exceeding 12,000 kids. Its modern student body numbers at around 14,000, the diminishment in size curbing its NBA graduates.

Almost every DeWitt Clinton alumni who entered the NBA performed prior to the ABA-NBA fusion of 1976, with zero players featuring in the past two decades.

DeWitt Clinton High School

DeWitt Clinton High School


Currently, plenty of the excelling New York prep stars decide to head off to suburban schools or outside boarding academies, with New York City facing a comprehensive depletion of NBA talent creation.

Both Tiny Archibald and Dolph Schayes, both of the Hall of Fame, outlining the top stars to be former DeWitt Clinton Governors.

NBA Players Who Attended DeWitt Clinton (Years in League)

Tiny Archibald (13)
Ron Behagen (7)
Tommy Byrnes (5)
Leo Gottlieb (2)
Luther Green (3)
Jerry Harkness (3)
Tom Henderson (9)
Ralph Kaplowitz (2)
Dan Kraus (1)
Butch Lee (2)
Barry Liebowitz (1)
Ruben Nembhard (1)
Billy Reid (1)
Dolph Schayes (15)
Steve Sheppard (2)
Ricky Sobers (11)
Oliver Taylor (4)
Willie Worsley (1)

#3 DeMatha Catholic High School (Hyattsville, Md.) – 18 Players

Also featuring on the NFL side of our sporting achievement list, DeMatha has received two awards as the penultimate high school athletic program in America. Despite being a couple of miles out of Washington, D.C., DeMatha still brings in youngsters throughout the DMV zone.

DeMatha Catholic High School

DeMatha Catholic High School


At least one DeMatha graduate has featured within the NBA throughout forty-eight of fifty seasons, not to mention Adrian Dantley, the Hall of Famer, a present All-Star Victor Oladipo, as well as a recent number one draft choice, Markelle Fultz.

NBA Players Who Attended DeMatha (Years in League)

Johnny Austin (2)
Keith Bogans (11)
Adrian Branch (4)
Kenny Carr (10)
Sid Catlett (1)
Adrian Dantley (15)
Danny Ferry (13)
Joseph Forte (2)
Markelle Fulz (2)
Jerami Grant (5)
Jerian Grant (4)
Johnny Jones (2)
Joe Kennedy (3)
Sidney Lowe (4)
Jerrod Mustaf (4)
Victor Oladipo
Hawkeye Whitney (2)
Bernie Williams (5)

#4 Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, N.H.) – 14 Players

The pricy Brewster Academy has hosted fourteen of the twenty-eight NBA players who studied at a high school in New Hampshire. When we say pricy, we mean amongst the most elite in America, with the school’s tuition fees going over sixty-thousand dollars!

Brewster Academy

Brewster Academy

The fees may be justified, however, with Brewster’s internationally-worthy facilities being a leading attraction for potential enrollers, featuring a 50,000 square-foot sporting center, outdoor and indoor turf fields, a rowing tank, a boathouse, and even a climbing wall!

There are 7 performing NBA stars who came out of Brewster, such as Donovan Mitchell, who plays guard for Utah Jazz.

NBA Players Who Attended Brewster Academy (Years in League)

Jeff Adrien (5)
Will Barton (7)
Jonah Bolden (1)
Craig Brackins (2)
Semaj Christon (1)
Marcus Derrickson (1)
Devonte’ Graham (1)
Mitch McGary (2)
Donovan Mitchell (2)
Thomas Robinson (5)
JaKarr Sampson (3)
Xavier Silas (2)
Jared Terrell (1)
T.J. Warren (5)

#5 Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, Va.) – 14 Players

About two hours drive from Charlotte is the private boarding school, Hargrave. Hargrave is best regarded for its military academia, which takes queues from the actual Army, as well as for molding international-level sportspeople in various fields.

Hargrave Military Academy

Hargrave Military Academy

Hargrave is also one of three schools featured on our list that is in the “top NFL players produced” list, unlike its football program, Hargrave’s basketball schedule permits the entry of post-graduates.

The entire set of Hargrave NBA stars stems from the post-graduate program, producing basketball giants such as Josh Howard and David west.

NBA Players Who Attended Hargrave Military Academy (Years in League)

Joe Alexander (2)
Lonny Baxter (4)
Sharrod Ford (1)
Donte Grantham (1)
P.J. Hairston (2)
Montrezl Harrell (4)
Josh Howard (10)
Vernon Macklin (1)
Terry Rozier (4)
Marreese Speights (10)
James Thomas (2)
James White (3)
Korleone Young (1)
Sam Young (4)

#6 Laurinburg Institute (Laurinburg, N.C.) – 13 Players

Similar to the Hargrave school, Laurinburg Institute is also an academy close to Charlotte which takes in post-graduates. Basketball happens to be the sole sport provided by Laurinburg, with all of the sporting assets directed at the balling program, which attained a national award in 2005 following its victory over Hargrave.

Laurinburg Institute

Laurinburg Institute


Not a single of the thirteen graduates out of Laurinburg now features in the NBA, however, a couple of the 13 graduates are part of the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. With ten NBA championships under his belt, Sam Jones, as well as Charlie Scott, the five-time All-Star being hallowed in Springfield, Mass.

#7 Henderson International School (Henderson, Nev.) – 12 Players

The Henderson International basketball program is known as “Findlay Prep”, however, plenty of commentators regard it as an AAU program, rather than an academic institution.

Some truth to the comments is revealed when one considers that their team’s dozen basketball players form the whole Henderson enrollment, with a fervent national performance agenda pursued at the sidelining of academic performance.

Henderson International School

Henderson International School


This forgoing of academia incurred the attention of the NCAA, leading to Findlay Prep being slammed with a “non-scholastic” label, resulting in its coaches being barred from in-person recruiting.

Nevertheless, Findlay hasn’t been debilitated in bringing in potential stars. At the moment, nine Findlay pros star in the NBA, such as Avery Bradley and Tristan Thompson.

There are also plenty of Findlay graduates featuring within the G-League or internationally, including the first choice, Anthony Bennett.

NBA Players Who Attended Henderson International (Years in League)

Anthony Bennett (4)
Avery Bradley (9)
Dillon Brooks (2)
Jorge Gutierrez (3)
Nick Johnson (1)
Cory Joseph (8)
DeAndre Liggins (5)
Kelly Oubre (4)
Tristan Thompson (8)
Allonzo Trier (1)
Rashad Vaughn (3)
Christian Wood (3)

#8 Overbrook High School (Philadelphia, Pa.) – 12 Players

The legendary Wilt Chamberlain started his career at Overbook, winning a duo of city championships and raising the bar with Pennsylvania’s new high school scoring record.

“Wilt the Stilt” got the attention of the NBA while still a teenager, as recruiter Red Auerbach attempted to convince him to move to a college Boston-side so he could become a local pick by the Celtics.

Overbrook High School

Overbrook High School

While the near-dozen players who graduated from Overbrook did well respectively, none of them could touch the hysteria surrounding Wilt.

Achievements aside, their fused efforts proved to last a single All-Star NBA match. This performance was granted by Walt Hazzard, working in 1968 as an All-Star, that year coincidentally being the same which Will Smith was born, who would attend Overbrook High too.

NBA Players Who Attended Overbrook (Years in League)

Wilt Chamberlain (14)
Mike Gale (11)
Walt Hazzard (10)
Wayne Hightower (10)
Wali Jones (11)
Rich Laurel (1)
Hal Lear (1)
Lewis Lloyd (7)
Andre McCarter (3)
Jackie Moore (3)
Angelo Musi (3)
Malik Rose (13)

#9 Proviso East High School (Maywood, Ill.) – 12 Players

New York City is the only city to have released a higher number of NBA players than Chicago, Proviso East being one such team contributing to Chicago’s success. The amount of candidates alone fuels plenty of chances for potential sportspeople to surface, with Proviso achieving an acceptance of four-thousand individuals throughout the 1970s.

Proviso East High School

Proviso East High School

This is the era where Doc Rivers featured in the Proviso East Pirates, coaching a fellow graduate, Michael Finley. The double NBA All-Star Michael blessed Proviso East with a 1991 state championship, going on to perform for Rivers in the Boston Celtics almost twenty years after.

NBA Players Who Attended Proviso East (Years in League)

Donnie Boyce (2)
Jim Brewer (9)
Dee Brown (2)
Shannon Brown (9)
Sterling Brown (2)
Jevon Carter (1)
Michael Finley (15)
Sherell Ford (1)
Steven Hunter (8)
Reggie Jordan (6)
Jacob Pullen (1)
Doc Rivers (13)

#10 Thomas Jefferson High School (New York City, N.Y.) – 10 Players

Situated in Brooklyn, the formerly all-inclusive Jefferson High catered to the excellence of all students, without honing in on sportspeople.

Thomas Jefferson High School

Thomas Jefferson High School

Not many schools can claim to have molded an Emmy and Golden Globe winner called Jimmy Smits, Goldman Sachs chairperson Lloyd Blankfein, and Riddick Bowe the boxing heavyweight champion.

Switching to NBA fame, individuals like Max Zasflosky formed the ranks in the early days of the NBA, in its second season as a hoop-slamming titleholder, from 1947 to 1948.

Unfortunately, the school was closed in 2007 after eighty-five successful running years, because of plummeting graduation performances.

NBA Players Who Attended Thomas Jefferson (Years in League)

Harry Boykoff (2)
Leroy Ellis (14)
Jack Garfinkel (3)
Sidney Green (10)
Tony Jackson (2)
Jim McMillian (9)
Boris Nachamkin (1)
Phil Sellers (1)
Sid Tannenbaum (2)
Max Zaslofsky (10)

#11 Dunbar High School (Baltimore, Md.) – 9 Players

It is hard to think of many schools producing two NBA players from the same class year. Three is almost unheard of. Having four such players is a unique claim only Paul Laurence Dunbar High School can claim.

Dunbar High School

Dunbar High School


At the beginning of the 80s, the squad featured four budding professionals, Muggsy Bogues and Reggie Lewis. Throughout two years, the Dunbar Poets were indomitable, winning a couple of state championships and a national one. This period of Dunbar sportsmanship was portrayed within the ESPN movie, called “Baltimore Boys”.

Baltimore has continued to develop sterling NBA stars from then onwards, such as Sam Cassell, who shared a classroom with late rap legend Tupac Shakur for a year.

NBA Players Who Attended Dunbar (Years in League)

Muggsy Bogues (14)
Keith Booth (2)
Sam Cassell (15)
Terry Dozier (1)
Kurk Lee (1)
Reggie Lewis (6)
Reggie Williams (10)
David Wingate (15)
Skip Wise (1)

#12 Maine Central Institute (Pittsfield, Maine) – 9 Players

No one could have guessed that a Maine boarding school could end up as a leader in basketball. Not one single other school in Maine has developed an NBA player, with Maine Central Institute pumping out all nine players.

Maine Central Institute

Maine Central Institute

Maine is solely renowned for its capacity to boost the academic performances of post-graduates, not to mention potential basketball champion performances.

Brad Miller and Caron Butler, both All-Stars, proceeded through this path prior to bringing their skills to college, with the NBA after.

Apparently, no one else is capable of walking in their shoes. Maine sadly ditched its post-graduate basketball program in 2012, not a single graduate having been registered in the NBA from 2002 onwards.

NBA Players Who Attended Maine Central Institute (Years in League)

Erick Barkley (2)
Etdrick Bohannon (4)
Caron Butler (14)
Sean Colson (1)
Dave Johnson (2)
DerMar Johnson (7)
Brad Miller (14)
Cuttino Mobley (11)
Mamadou N’Diaye (5)

#13 Pershing High School (Detroit, Mich.) – 9 Players

Despite not enjoying any currently performing NBA players, Pershing probably has the most renowned package of retired stars on this list.

Pershing High School

Pershing High School

Both Mel Daniels and Spencer Haywood – Hall of Famers – attended the school, with the duo being ABA MVPs too.

The former Pershing Doughboys and All-star trio including Steve Smith and Kevin Willis, would also go on to conquer an NBA championship while playing for the San Antonio Spurs.

The last Pershing graduate to feature within the NBA, Kay Felder, Smith’s cousin, also performed for his local team the Pistons throughout 2018.

NBA Players Who Attended Pershing (Years in League)

Keith Appling (1)
Mel Daniels (9)
Kay Felder (2)
Bubbles Hawkins (4)
Spencer Haywood (13)
Willie Iverson (1)
Ralph Simpson (10)
Steve Smith (14)
Kevin Willis (11)

#14 St. Benedict’s Prep (Newark, N.J.) – 9 Players

New Jersey may be a breeding ground for NFL prospects, but St. Benedict’s is among the rare Newark high schools which don’t provide the sport. Consequently, much of the student body shifts toward basketball, such as graduate J.R. Smith, featuring in a total of four various high schools, ultimately landing in St. Benedict’s.

St Benedicts Prep

St Benedicts Prep

Other than serving Newark, St. Benedict’s also takes in youths from other countries, such as Samardo Samuels out of Jamaica, as well as Tyler Ennis out of Canada.

In total, St. Benedict’s has six alumni who made the NBA roster from 2017 onwards, putting them at fourth place in our list of schools.

NBA Players Who Attended Mt. Benedict’s (Years in League)

Tyler Ennis (4)
John Holland (2)
Scott Machado (2)
Xavier Munford (2)
Lamar Patterson (2)
Samardo Samuels (3)
Chris Smith (1)
J.R. Smith (15)
Lance Thomas (8)

#15 Mount Vernon High School (Mount Vernon, N.Y.) – 9 Players

Privileged with the moniker “The Home of Basketball”, the state of New York enjoys an incredible fourteen varied high schools which have forged a minimum of 5 NBA legends.

Mount Vernon High School

Mount Vernon High School

On the outskirts of New York City is Mount Vernon, but that hasn’t limited it in drawing in peak athletes. Out of nine players supplied to the NBA, four lasted a minimum of ten seasons. Names such as Ray and Gus Williams (not to be confused with the tennis sisters) and Ben Gordon, all three completing seasons flush with an aggregate of twenty-points games.

Ray and Gus’s other claims to fame involve rubbing shoulders on the court with film star Denzel Washington, another Mount Vernon graduate.

NBA Players Who Attended Mount Vernon (Years in League)

Ben Gordon (11)
Rudy Hackett (2)
Kevin Jones (1)
Rodney McCray (10)
Scooter McCray (3)
Lowes Moore (3)
Earl Tatum (4)
Gus Williams (11)
Ray Williams (10)

#16 Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, Calif.) – 9 Players

Known as a family-focused academy, Mater Dei proves its label through the establishment of numerous family centers.

Mater Dei High School

Mater Dei High School

This family-friendly atmosphere can be observed in their graduating NBA players. These include Travis and David Wear (twins), Leroy’s son LeRon Ellis, Ralph’s cousin Jamal Sampson and Darryl’s son, D.J. Strawberry. Lastly, there is Stanley Johnson, who, despite having no familial links to any stars, happens to be the sole player presently on the NBA roster.

A comprehensively excelling sporting school, Mater Dei houses various Heisman Trophy receivers, like Matt Leinart.

NBA Players Who Attended Mater Dei (Years in League)

Cedric Bozeman (1)
LeRon Ellis (3)
Reggie Geary (2)
Stanley Johnson (4)
Jamal Sampson (5)
Miles Simon (1)
D.J. Strawberry (1)
David Wear (1)
Travis Wear (2)

#17 Huntington Prep (Huntington, W.Va.) – 9 Players

Riding on the coattails of the lauded Oak Hill Academy, further “basketball high schools” began cropping up throughout the nation, with Huntington Prep. being one of them.

Huntington Prep

Huntington Prep

The Prep calls itself a “basketball-focused college preparatory school”, with its actual squad committed to a national schedule, rather than simply West Virginia’s schools.

The Prep will admit any potential-filled young sportspeople the world over, with almost anyone standing on their court being a prospective Division I star at minimum.

Out of the nine alumni out of Huntington, six have performed within the NBA from 2018 onwards, such as 2014 to 2015, Rookie of the Year winning and the peak draft pick, Andrew Wiggins.

NBA Players Who Attended Huntington Prep (Years in League)

Sim Bhullar (1)
Miles Bridges (1)
Thomas Bryant (2)
Gorgui Dieng (6)
Marshall Hawkins (1)
O.J. Mayo (8)
Patrick Patterson (9)
Xavier Rathan-Mayes (1)
Andrew Wiggins (5)

#18 Roman Catholic High School (Philadelphia, Pa.) – 8 Players

Philadelphia, alongside the other four cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York), has cracked the one hundred NBA player supply. The majority of ballers to arise out of Roman Catholic High School are recent, with 6 out of 8 alumni having performed within the NBA from 2000 onwards.

Roman Catholic High School

Roman Catholic High School

Who is the best-regarded “Cahillite” to enter the NBA? That would have to be Rasual Butler, Cahillite being taken from Roman Catholic’s mascot named after Thomas Cahill, the school’s founder.

NBA Players Who Attended Roman Catholic (Years in League)

Mike Bantom (9)
Rasual Butler (10)
Dallas Comegys (2)
Eddie Griffin (5)
Marc Jackson (7)
Lari Ketner (2)
Brad Wanamaker (2)
Maalik Wayns (2)

#19 St. Antony High School (Jersey City, N.J.) – 8 Players

The Pro Basketball Hall of Fame only features four high school coaches, Bob Hurley being a member, due to the incredible program he pioneered at St. Anthony.

St Antony High School

St Antony High School

Bob is actually the retired Bobby Hurley, ex-guard of the Dukes, dad. The prized son being one of one-hundred and fifty ballers out of St. Anthony to feature within Division I basketball.

With his coach dad’s guidance, Bobby championed four state titles, with St. Anthony enjoying a total of twenty-eight championships, more than all other schools in America.

Regarding the Memphis Grizzlies, Kyle Anderson is the only working NBA player out of St. Anthony. There will no longer be any St. Anthony hopefuls, as the school sadly shut down in 2017 thanks to diminished capital and a depleted enrollment.

NBA Players Who Attended St. Anthony (Years in League)

Kyle Anderson (5)
Terry Dehere (6)
Bobby Hurley (5)
Roshown McLeod (3)
Rodrick Rhodes (3)
David Rivers (3)
Tyshawn Taylor (2)
Luther Wright (1)

#20 McClymonds High School (Oakland, Calif.) – 8 Players

Possessing a student group numbering just past three-hundred, McClymonds happens to be among the tiniest schools featured on our list. However, the school maintains a standard of quality over quantity.

McClymonds High School

McClymonds High School

The school hosts the best victor within team sports, called Bull Russell. He has championed the NBA eleven times, sharing a team with Frank Robinson, inducted into the Hall of Fame in Major League Baseball. The pair made history when they were accepted as the initial African American head managers and coaches within their corresponding fields.

More legendary McClymonds alumni feature the retired Paul Silas of NBA All-Stars fame, Antonio Davis, and last but not least, “MC Hammer”, also known as Stanley Burrell.

NBA Players Who Attended McClymonds (Years in League)

Odis Allison (1)
Will Cherry (1)
Antonio Davis (13)
Joe Ellis (8)
Jim Hadnot (1)
Bill Russell (13)
Paul Silas (16)
Nate Williams (8)

#21 Male High School (Louisville, Ky.) – 8 Players

Established during 1856, Male is steeped in history, being the first high school on the other side of the Allegheny Mountains as well as the penultimate in age featured in our list.

Male High School

Male High School

Considering all of the historical reputations Male High School enjoys, it has been privileged with plenty of chances to make fantastic sportspeople, ranking in the top twenty NFL player-supplying schools list.

These laurels aside, the school’s NBA channel ceasing to flow, having been more than a quarter of a century since an alumnus featured within the NBA.

Darrell Griffith is recognized as the most successful alumnus within the NBA, being bestowed with the “Rookie of the Year” prize between 1980 and 1981, aptly holding the nickname, “Dr. Dunkenstein”.

NBA Players Who Attended Male (Years in League)

Henry Bacon (1)
Ralph Beard (2)
Winston Bennett (3)
Wesley Cox (2)
Darrell Griffith (10)
Gene Rhodes (1)
Dallas Thornton (2)
George Tinsley (2)

#22 Long Beach Polytechnic (Long Beach, California) – 8 Players

Long Beach Polytechnic’s register exceeds more than four-thousand students and is one of America’s biggest schools. The sheer scale of the school’s student body obviously greatly boosts its chances of producing a whole range of star alumni, beyond NBA players.

Long Beach Polytechnic

Long Beach Polytechnic

While Jordan Bell is recognized for playing center in the Golden State Warriors, it is UCLA champion Tyus Edney who excelled as the most celebrated Jackrabbit ever to join the NBA. All of this, despite his lesser-known presence, compared to the gangly shooting guard he once rubbed shoulders with, in the high school backcourt.

Surprisingly, rapper Snoop Dogg played alongside Edney during their time in Long Beach Poly, even scoring some college proposals, by opted for a rapping career instead.

NBA Players Who Attended Long Beach Poly (Years in League)

Jordan Bell (2)
Mack Calvin (11)
Tyus Edney (4)
Bobby Jones (2)
Ozell Jones (2)
Ben McDonald (4)
Michael Wiley (2)
Morlon Wiley (7)

#23 Archbishop Molloy (New York City, New York) – 8 Players

Situated within Queens, N.Y., the Archbishop Molloy school is most famous for John Curran, the legendary basketball coach. Being the highest victory-holding coach within New York City and state, he headed the school’s team for a phenomenal 45 years.

Archbishop Molloy

Archbishop Molloy

Amazingly, the masterful coach’s fame was exceeded by the coming to the school of Kenny Anderson in 1985. Kenny was a superstar prior to Molloy, having previously featured on the cover of the NYC basketball-related sports section, with his fame only increasing.

Kenny was the initial sportsman within New York City progression to with the all-city title for the fourth time, setting the scoring benchmark. Kenny proceeded through an NBA performance spanning fourteen years, achieving a sole All-Star position through the close by New Jersey Nets by 1994.

NBA Players Who Attended Archbishop Molloy (Years in League)

Kenny Anderson (14)
Sundiata Gaines (3)
Kevin Joyce (3)
Tommy Kearns (1)
York Larese (1)
Kenny Smith (10)
Robert Werdann (3)
Brian Winters (9)

#24 Crenshaw High School (Los Angeles, California) – 8 Players

It isn’t often that you find two high school teammates both making it to the NBA. Even rarer than that is having to highschool teammates becoming teammates in the NBA together too! However, this is exactly what occurred in 1982 when Robert Smith and Marques Johnson of Crenshaw both joined the Milwaukee Bucks.

Crenshaw High School

Crenshaw High School

While Johnson was well into his career, already with triple All-Star Games performance, Smith was enlisted as a journeyman on a ten-day contract. Regardless, it was a most memorable experience for the two players considering that the last time they shared a court was almost ten years earlier in Crenshaw.

Smith and Johnson both performed under coach Willie West, who guided the Crenshaw team for more than three decades, from 1971 to 2007. West claimed a whopping sixteen city crowns and twenty-eight league titles, winning 805 games in total, culminating in 8 state championships.

NBA Players Who Attended Crenshaw (Years in League)

Stanley Brundy (1)
Darwin Cook (8)
Tremaine Fowlkes (4)
Marques Johnson (11)
Kevin Ollie (13)
Robert Smith (7)
Stephen Thompson (1)
John Williams (8)

#25 La Salle Academy (New York City, New York) – 7 Players

Situated southeast of Madison Square Garden by about two miles, La Salle Academy featured a basketball squad that held a duo of ballers capable of starring in any NBA All-Name squad. Halfway through the 90s, Shammgod Wells and Ron Artest were on the same team, and soon to become renamed as God Shammgod and Metta World Peace.

La Salle Academy

La Salle Academy

Roughly half a century prior to them joining the La Salle Cardinals, Dick McGuire, who later joined the Hall of Fame, signed up to the Academy before remaining close by attending St John’s, not long before being drafted into the New York Knicks.

NBA Players Who Attended La Salle Academy (Years in League)

Ed Bartels (2)
Billy Hassett (2)
Dick McGuire (11)
Tom Owens (12)
John Roche (8)
God Shammgod (1)
Metta World Peace (17)

#26 Inglewood High School (Inglewood, California) – 7 players

Situated a single mile out of the famous Great Western Forum which formerly hosted the Los Angeles Lakers, Harold Miner would come to inherit his legendary NBA title, “Baby Jordan”.

Inglewood High School

Inglewood High School

The famous nickname was bestowed on Miner thanks to sharing a similar physical likeness and aerial performance with Michael Jordan, but their dunking style was what they truly shared. Miner’s presence in the NBA would end with four seasons.

Luckily, Paul Pierce was at hand to replace him and carry on the Inglewood name in the NBA. Paul almost moved out of Inglewood following a failure to enter sophomore status at the varsity. But he persevered, and it paid off when he became California’s Mr. Basketball in his senior year.

Reggie Theus was Inglewood’s glory even before Miner or Pierce, with an NBA performance spanning thirteen years.

NBA Players Who Attended Inglewood (Years in League)

Noel Felix (1)
Jason Hart (9)
Jay Humphries (11)
Ralph Jackson (1)
Harold Miner (4)
Paul Pierce (19)
Reggie Theus (13)

#27 South Philadelphia High School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – 7 players

Philadelphia proudly maintains its place as a center for rising basketball stars, and South Philadelphia might have ranked better on this list several years back. Sadly, its place as a source for NBA champs has ended, with a player drought two decades in the making.

South Philadelphia High School

South Philadelphia High School

Some of the reasons for this drought are owed to the enrollment being sliced in two, lowering from a thousand to less than five-hundred students. That being said, admission demographics also play a big role in this change.

Lionel Simmons is definitely the most well-known NBA baller to come out of South Philadelphia, who resided in his hometown during college, attending La Salle, where he was named 1990’s national player of the year. Simmons then went on to play in seven seasons with the Sacramento Kings, being placed second in the Rookie of the Year 1991 prize.

NBA Players Who Attended South Philadelphia (Years in League)

Nate Blackwell (1)
Stan Brown (2)
Ollie Johnson (10)
Herm Klotz (1)
Petey Rosenberg (1)
Lionel Simmons (7)
Isaiah Wilson (2)

#28 Montverde Academy (Montverde, Florida) – 7 players

Positioning the current Montverde-alumni now in the NBA in your starting five for a playoff would already give you success, with the 76ers duo Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid at hand.

Montverde Academy

Montverde Academy

While the impending Sixers didn’t share a school simultaneously, the pair ironically would conquer their natural homes of Australia and Cameroon, correspondingly.
The two players headed to Montverde due to its commitment to a national schedule, and not just a state one. Montverde challenges the most outstanding teams nationwide, such attention and exposure can give the players more Division I scholarship prospects.

Consequently, getting playing time isn’t easy. For this reason, after a single year in Montverde Embiid moved to The Rock.

NBA Players Who Attended Montverde (Years in League)

Solomon Alabi (2)
Joel Embiid (3)
Patricio Garino (1)
Dakari Johnson (1)
Luc Mbah a Moute (11)
D’Angelo Russell (4)
Ben Simmons (2)

#29 Carver Military Academy (Chicago, Illinois) – 7 players

Currently operating as a military academy, Carvery was previously named “George Washington Carver Area High School” during its traditional high school period.

Carver Military Academy

Carver Military Academy

Prior to the change, Carver was a gateway to the NBA All-Stars for many students in the Chicago South Side, producing players like Cazzie Russell who was the top pick in the draft of 1966, and the Rookie of the Year, Terry Cummings, in 1983, as well as Tim Hardaway, who was a finalist in the Hall of Fame.

These three stars united across 9 All-Star teams and together, perform in forty-three NBA seasons. Since transforming into a military academy back in 2000, Carver has yet to release any NBA ballers.

NBA Players Who Attended Carver Military Academy (Years in League)

Terry Cummings (18)
Tim Hardaway (13)
Priest Lauderdale (2)
Renaldo Major (1)
Andre Moore (1)
Marlbert Pradd (2)
Cazzie Russell (12)

#30 Compton High School (Compton, California) – 7 players

Beyond the city of Los Angeles, the city of Compton has pumped out a higher number of NBA stars inside Los Angeles County than any other city. The majority of whom have emerged from Compton High School, DeMar DeRozan being one of them, making the most out of his four years at the school.

Compton High School

Compton High School

Both the city and the school experienced radical demographic changes in the past 20 or so years, and Compton High is currently recognized more for its performing arts programs than its sporting ones. Compton High has formed thirty NFL or NBA stars, yet Datone and DeRozan Jones being the only two to leave the school since the year 2000.

NBA Players Who Attended Compton (Years in League)

DeMar DeRozan (10)
Ron Knight (2)
Tito Maddux (1)
Louie Nelson (5)
Woody Sauldsberry (7)
Jose Slaughter (1)
Jeff Trepagnier (3)

#31 Abraham Lincoln High School (New York City, New York) – 7 Players

Outside of NBA, Abraham Lincoln High has produced other phenomenal individuals, such as Louis Gossett Jr., Marv Albert and Mel Brooks. Suffice to say, Lincoln High’s non-sporting former pupils are more popular than their sporting alumni. You might have heard of “Starbury”, aka Stephon Marbury, undoubtedly the school’s star player, being one-quarter of the Lincoln Railsplitters to receive the Mr. New York Basketball prize.

Abraham Lincoln High School

Abraham Lincoln High School

Starbury’s cousin, Sebastian Telfair also went to the same high school, and achieved such a level of stardom that he skipped college, going straight to the NBA. While Starbury outshone his cousin in skill and results, Telfair brought the highest level of fame to the school, notoriously featuring on the front cover of Slam Magazine dressed in the Abraham Lincoln High jersey.

NBA Players Who Attended Abraham Lincoln (Years in League)

Jim Brasco (10)
Stephon Marbury (13)
Dave Newmark (3)
Lance Stephenson (9)
Sebastian Telfair (10)
Jamel Thomas (2)
Isaiah Whitehead (2)

#32 Springarn High School (Washington, D.C.) – 7 Players

Considering the forty-five NBA stars who are part of high schools within Washington, D.C., only a couple of them entered the Hall of Fame, and both of them passing through Springarn High School on their way to stardom. Starting with Elgin Baylor, who began there in 1953 in Springarn’s second year of establishment. The Laker-to-be set the single-game record for scoring across high schools in D.C., peaking at sixty-three points and earning the title “Area’s Best Basketball Player”.

Springarn High School

Springarn High School

Fast-forwarding four years, Dave Bing, who would go on to be an All-Star seven times, joined the school’s ranks, captaining the team in 1961 towards its original urban championship. Unfortunately, the sporting heroism ends there for Spingarn, as they had to shut down in 2013.

NBA Players Who Attended Spingarn (Years in League)

Elgin Baylor (14)
Dave Bing (12)
Sherman Douglas (12)
Earl Jones (2)
Fatty Taylor (8)
John Tresvant (9)
Stan Washington (1)

#33 Crane High School (Chicago, Illinois) – 7 players

Formerly a basic high school, Crane has now turned to focus on health sciences over the past ten years and is considered a medical prep school. Before that change, however, Crane was launching soon-to-be professionals everywhere, enjoying seasons where teams featured multiple now-NBA level players. The latest players were Will Bynum and Tony Allen during the 1999-2000 graduate year, with both players featuring in the backcourt.

Crane High School

Crane High School

Although Crane has released a higher level of NBA players than almost all other Chicago high schools, it is ironic that they haven’t produced a single Illinois Mr. Basketball. While 27 various schools have been awarded the Illinois Mr. Basketball award, Crane High has never featured.

NBA Players Who Attended Crane (Years in League)

Tony Allen (14)
Cory Blackwell (1)
Em Bryant (8)
Will Bynum (8)
Sherron Collins (1)
Ken Norman (10)
Andre Wakefield (2)

#34 East High School (Columbus, Ohio) – 7 Players

Almost all of the schools featured in this list feature a famous player to celebrate, however, East High is the exception. Despite enjoying a large output of NBA players, their quality does not match that of their sporting school counterparts.

East High School

East High School

Out of the half-dozen players who studied at East High, none of them managed to ever aggregate ten points per game within league times, nor did they penetrate the NBA All-Star Club. Regardless of the cause – notwithstanding the fact ABA isn’t present in Columbus – the majority of the NBA players from East High simultaneously featured in the now collapsed ABA. There were 4 (out of 6) players who spent some period in their basketball careers with ABA.

NBA Players Who Attended East High (Years in League)

Larry Jones (8)
Bo Lamar (4)
Mel Nowell (2)
Ed Ratleff (5)
Joe Roberts (4)
Granville Waiters (5)
Chuckie Williams (1)

#35 Murrah High School (Jackson, Mississippi) – 6 Players

With one-tenth of all NBA players in Mississippi coming from Murrah (with fifty-nine in total), it comes as no surprise that they have conquered the in-state high school basketball game for tens of years. Incredibly, Murrah has also had seven Mr. Basketball recipients.

Murrah High School

Murrah High School

With a double Mr. Basketball award, Othella Harrington represented his school during the McDonald’s All-American Game in 1992, smashing the records with twenty-one rebounds. Harington was part of the Murrah Mustangs who enjoyed a minimum of 12 years in the NBA, the other two being Lindsey Hunter and Mo Williams, both playing guards.

NBA Players Who Attended Murrah (Years in League)

Othella Harrington (12)
Lindsey Hunter (17)
Trey Johnson (3)
Ryan Lorthridge (1)
James Robinson (7)
Mo Williams (13)

#36 Washington High School (Washington, Indiana) – 6 players

It may be hard to believe that a school in a town with just over ten-thousand people managed to join this list! In part, that is thanks to the Zeller family! If it weren’t for the Zeller brothers, Luke, Tyler, and Cody, the Washington High NBA submission would have been halved. The Indiana Mr. Basketball prize was awarded to all the brothers, while still at school, with Luke being awarded his prize in 2005, Tyler in 2008 and Cody in 2011.

Washington High School

Washington High School

Although Cody enjoyed the ultimate NBA performance, while Tyler made the most out of his college performance, Luke, the eldest, did the best in high school. Luke was Washington High’s first player to ever be chosen as all-conference four times, being chosen as all-state for the four years too.

NBA Players Who Attended Washington (Years in League)

Leo Klier (2)
Craig Neal (2)
Jim Riffey (1)
Cody Zeller (6)
Luke Zeller (1)
Tyler Zeller (7)

#37 McKinley High School (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) – 6 Players

Amazingly, McKinley has produced six NFL players as well as six NBA players. Despite LSU’s proximity of a single mile to the school, out of the six McKinley Panther players to reach NBA level, only one went via LSU to get there.

McKinley High School

McKinley High School

When Keith Smart was in Indiana, he went on to score the match-securing hoop at the 1987 NCAA championship match, securing his position in the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Players. Don Chaney, another graduate of McKinley, continued his studies and training at the University of Houston before going on to achieve a double championship with the Boston Celtics.

NBA Players Who Attended McKinley (Years in League)

Don Chaney (12)
Tommie Green (1)
Fred Hilton (2)
Cincinnatus Powell (8)
Keith Smart (1)
Tyrus Thomas (8)

#38 Southwest Magnet High School (Macon, Georgia) – 6 Players

Southwest Magnet used to be one of the biggest high schools in America, but over the years it has diminished in capacity because of having too many students to successfully meet their needs. It seems that having fewer students also means fewer NBA star players for this school. The school supplied 6 players to the NBA in the mid-90s, but over two decades later, this figure hasn’t changed.

Southwest Magnet High School

Southwest Magnet High School

The veteran school coach, known as Donald “Duck” Richardson, never suffered a losing season throughout nearly two decades of employment at the school. Norm Nixon, regarded as Richardson’s most successful student, featured in the “Showtime” period as part of the Los Angeles Lakers, with two NBA championships under his belt.

NBA Players Who Attended Southwest Magnet (Years in League)

Jeff Malone (13)
Ivano Newbill (3)
Norm Nixon (10)
Myles Patrick (1)
Chris Robinson (2)
Sharone Wright (4)

#39 Flint Northwestern High School (Flint, Michigan) – 6 Players

Being one of the newest schools on this list, Flint Northwestern was established in 1964, before it shut down in 2018, winning two state championships during the junior and senior seasons of the triple NBA All-Star Glen Rice.

Flint Northwestern High School

Flint Northwestern High School

The school excelled at not only training NBA-worthy players but produced men who went on to have full careers within the NBA. Their total of six players enjoyed a career at the NBA spanning an average of 8.1 seasons, with Rice being one of four other players from Flint Northwestern who had 9 seasons in the NBA.

NBA Players Who Attended Flint Northwestern (Years in League)

Desmon Farmer (2)
Jeff Grayer (9)
Morris Peterson (11)
Glen Rice (15)
Barry Stevens (1)
Trent Tucker (11)

#40 Canton McKinley High School (Canton, Ohio) – 6 Players

Other than Canton’s place as host to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, this city also rubs shoulders with basketball prestige, with Canton McKinley High School achieving unmatched renown as a ‘star factory’. McKinley makes the most out of its peak positioning for all-time wins in Ohio and possesses the record for featuring in championship matches – an unmatched eleven times. Between 1973 and 2008, at least one of the school’s students became an NBA player, with some seasons having even more.

Canton McKinley High School

Canton McKinley High School

Although Canton McKinley hasn’t produced an NBA player for more than ten years, this losing streak could end with its acquisition of Timken High School, making McKinley the sole public high school within Canton, awarding it the pick of the litter regarding all potential candidates who aren’t in private schooling.

NBA Players Who Attended Canton McKinley (Years in League)

Gary Grant (13)
Michael Hawkins (4)
Phil Hubbard (10)
Keith McLeod (4)
Eric Snow (13)
Nick Weatherspoon (7)