How To Use Your Mask Correctly

Published on 11/16/2020

It has become mandatory in most parts of the world to wear a mask when you are out. Masks can prevent and reduce the spread of contagious viruses and bacteria but only if used correctly. If you don’t educate yourself on how to wear masks properly then you would be helping the spread of viruses while wearing masks. The best preventive measures against COVID-19 are social distancing and wearing a mask outside so here’s how you have do your part in preventing the contagion –

How To Use Your Mask Correctly

How To Use Your Mask Correctly


How To Put On a Face Mask

1. Always you have to be sure to wash your hands with soap and water before touching the mask. If you are out, keep a bottle of sanitizer with you and rub it on your palms before touching the mask.

2. Before putting it on, check that there are no obvious holes or if it’s torn from anywhere. If there are holes or tears, discard it and use another mask.

3. Pull the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under the chin. Always be sure that you can breathe easily and that it rests comfortably on your face. If there is a stiff edge on top, pinch it so it rests snugly on your nose.

How To Remove a Face Mask

1.Always wash your hands again with soap and water or clean with a sanitizer.

2.Remove the mask without touching the front or the inside of the mask. You can remove it by touching the ear loops.

3.Throw the used mask in the trash can if it is a disposable one. If you were using a cloth mask, throw it in the hamper and make sure that no one touches it until it’s washed thoroughly.

4.Make sure to wash your hand again.

Things To Keep In Mind About Wearing Masks

1.Do not pull down your face mask below the nose or pull it down completely below the chin to talk to people. The masks aren’t accessories you wear out in public until you have to talk to someone. It is used so that you can talk to people without spreading germs. Pulling it down would make the point of wearing masks useless.

2.Do not remove your face mask and wear it on your head, arm, neck, or anywhere temporarily. Once you put the mask on while leaving the house, you only remove it after you get home. Make sure to wash your hands before putting it on and after removing it.

3.Do not touch the front of the mask to adjust or scratch your face. If you have to adjust it, pull the ear loops gently.

4.If you are wearing a mask that has to be tied then make sure to tie it and secure it in the place. Don’t leave the ties or straps hanging below your mouth.

5.Disposable masks should be thrown immediately after you remove it. If you are using cloth masks then put it in the wash immediately after removing it. If you decide to go out again and need a mask, use a different one.

6.Wearing a mask is not a substitute for washing your hands or following basic hygiene. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and wash your face as well at night once you remove your mask

Things To Keep In Mind About Wearing Masks

Things To Keep In Mind About Wearing Masks

When Is It Okay Not To Wear a Face Mask

1.If you are alone at home or in a public setting with no one around.

2.Do not make children below the age of 2 wear masks. Ensure that they stay at home as much as possible and a few feet away when they are out.

3.Do not wear a mask if you have trouble breathing or if you are feeling that you are too weak to remove the mask without assistance. If you feel dizzy then remove the mask because it may cause trouble in breathing if you fall unconscious and the mask stays on.

4.When you are drinking or eating outside. Make sure to put the mask back on once you are done.