Why Practising 15 Minutes Of Yoga Every Morning Is Good For You

Published on 02/18/2020

There comes a time for every one of us to feel the burdens of the passing of time, to recognize the time when the passions of youth no longer get us up with vigour in the morning but instead we roll out of bed slowly and a little help will one day be necessary too. It goes without saying that exercise is simply not an option for our tired, aching muscles. If only we never stopped keeping fit, but who has the time? If you have 15 minutes a day to do a bit of yoga you could be adding time onto your future.



The Marching of Time – Not So Slow Anymore

It is always important not to assign anecdotal evidence to support a multi-billion dollar industry just for the sake of money. We need to look at the evidence and then decide for ourselves if this is a good idea. We need to eat healthily, the proof is backed up by decades of intensive medical studies and a large number of these involved the beneficial incorporation of a good fitness schedule. We need regular exercise, this is a fact. Yoga is one of the oldest recorded forms of physical exercise specially designed to improve and sustain good health. The ancient sages of India developed this system of exercise to be within reach of everyone from serf to sultan and beginners need not exert themselves unnecessarily to experience the benefits. To say that 15 minutes a day could be enough for a start is not an exaggeration, simply a fact of the human body quite ingeniously exercised to bring relief to bunched up muscles and stiff tendons.

Yes, Like A Cat

As with any well-practiced fitness program, Yoga increases physical endurance but unlike others, Yoga’s focus is on slow, precise and controlled motions with minimal to no impact on joints. Breathing is a major point of focus too, every breath rushing through your lungs engaging the cardio-vascular system and together with the balanced and well-aimed exercises, we get excellent physical conditioning all while only using our bodies. Yoga for a beginner does not involve the use of weights or tension bands instead, the focus is to stretch. Stretch, go on, lace your fingers together on the back of your neck and gently hold your head back, now give yourself a nice stretch. Like a cat. Feels good, doesn’t it? It is through breathing and stretching, to the body’s natural limit, that Yoga exercises the whole body and naturally improves cognitive functions as studies have found.


Your Choice, Make It

Medical studies have set the standard for us in modern society, a system which we can all contribute towards and benefit from but each of us still needs to make the choice for ourselves to live a healthier and more active life. Each of us needs to take a tiny fraction of our day and work toward a future with less pain. Maybe then the overburdened medical facilities of the world can get a chance to take a more serious look at the things exercise cannot cure.