Why Drinking Water Is So Good For You

Published on 04/01/2020

Drinking water is essential for the body to function effectively as it has positive effects on cells and organs. The body is made up of an estimated 60 percent water and is essential for processes, which include digestion, breaking down and transportation of nutrients, maintaining body temperature, and blood circulation. However, there are lots more advantages for the body when water is consumed to include…

Why Drinking Water Is So Good For You

Why Drinking Water Is So Good For You


Joint Lubrication

Drinking lots of water will help in the reduction of joint pains as the cartilage in the joints and spine contains an average 80 percent water. When the body is hydrated, it reduces the level of friction and eliminates the chances of aches.

Aids in Creation of Saliva

Saliva is needed to help with digestion, and the more water the body has, the easier it is to create the saliva. In addition to helping with digestion, the extra fluid also helps to keep the moist and nose moist, thus reducing the possibility of friction. Your mouth will be kept clean and can help to reduce tooth decay when flushed regularly.

Oxygen Supply

The blood is made up of over 90 percent water, and it is the primary source of oxygen provision throughout the body. Once the blood has enough fluidity, it will be able to circulate effectively and provide oxygen through the body.

Oxygen Supply

Oxygen Supply

Boost Healthy Skin

Dehydration heightens the skin’s chances of being affected by skin disorders as it does not have the necessary nutrients to help create a protective barrier. Water helps in keeping the skin moist as well as delay the risk of premature wrinkling.

Water is Good for the Neuro-system

When there are limited amounts of water in the body, it tends to affect the brain and its general function. Also, water helps with creating and managing body hormones and neurotransmitters. When the body is dehydrated, it affects practical reasoning and thinking abilities.

Regulates Body Temperatures

Drinking lots of water will be useful in maintaining steady body temperature. The water is stored beneath the top layer of the skin, and as the body gets hot, it seeps through the pores on the skin as sweat and initially cools the body. When there is not enough water in the body, one will not be able to manage any form of heat the body comes in contact with (based on research done by medical experts).

Maintains Blood Pressure

When there is not enough water in the body, the blood will become thick, and this will result in a strain on the vessels and heart to pump blood around the body. As such, blood pressure will increase and can potentially lead to a heart failure.

Excretion of Body Waste

Water is needed in the body to allow for sweating and efficient removal of other body wastes such as feces and urine. After all, a large percentage of these wastes are high in water content.

Circulation of Nutrients

Nutrients are easily dissolved in water and seeing water gets around the body easily, you may need to drink extra on a daily basis to move nutrients efficiently around the body.

Keeps Airways Clear

Water keeps the body hydrated which if not, can cause a lot of breathing issues that affect asthma and allergies.

Weight Loss

Consuming water instead of sugary juice will help in weight loss as the body will have less work to break down sweeteners. Also, drinking at least a glass of water before each meal will help you to consume less food. Water is vital to your health and the more you consume, the greater the health benefits you are providing for your body.